Monday, October 8, 2012

“300 Seafarer in Danger of Losing Jobs”

“300 Seafarer in Danger of Losing Jobs” 

300 seaman earning at least Php 80,000 monthly salary as ordinary crewmen in European bound vessels were allegedly denied employment. Their recruitment agency, Gyron Crew Incorporation was allegedly prohibited to process their application for overseas employment since May 7, 2012 because of unfounded complaints by disgruntled Gyron recruits employed by the latter’s rival firms. 

While complainants who allegedly accepted employment with competing recruiters at half the rates they enjoy while under contract with Gyron, already withdrawn their complaints with the POEA, the latter has yet to lift the suspension on Gyron, despite its rules that the POEA should act on appeals for the lifting of suspension within 60 days or two months from its filing or by July 2012. 

Thus, endangering 250 seafarer of losing jobs. Join us at Balitaan sa Aloha where both parties shall be given opportunity to air their side.   Let’s find out from the parties themselves.

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